The results of the coursework project contest!

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One of the special features of the curriculum is that as early as the first semester, students complete course projects in teams of 3-4 students - this helps them get into the IT sphere and gives them the opportunity to learn how to work in a team. At the beginning of the semester, each group is given terms of reference for the project, specifying the main requirements and functions and defining the programming language in which the programme will be written.

At the end of the term, students defend their project. The defence includes a coursework project contest. The aim of the contest is to stimulate students' creativity, develop their research and design skills, and contribute to their professional development.

In the contest, places were determined according to the outcome of the evaluation of the participants.

The winners of the contest are the participants who achieved the highest number of points:

1st place students of group MIN-1-22:

·        Amit Kurbanov

·        Rustam Samsayev

·        Emirlan Dogdurbaev

Awarded with headphones.


2nd place group students

·        Aikanysh Laileeva

·        Nursultan Baktybekov

Awarded with smart bracelets


3rd place students of the group:

·        Baitur Tashbaev

·        Aaly Aliyev

·        Talatbek u. Baitemir


Awarded with wireless mice

Diploma holders in the contest:


4th place group students

·        Pavel Makarov

·        Sardorbek Akhmedov

·        Bekzat Zhakshybayev

5th place group students

·      Sanzhar Berdikozhoev

·        Jazgul Asheralieva

·        Aydarbek Kurmankozhoev


6th place group students

·      Kubanychbek u. Aziz

·      Abdulaziz  Gainazarov 

·       Bakai Tolomushev


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