Research work and writing

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Doing research may seem boring to many people, but the process has very definite aims. By doing even the smallest research paper, students learn how to
- work independently with special literature;
- develop their logical and analytical thinking;
- work with different programming languages;
- find an approach to solving complex practical problems.
In addition to coursework and graduation thesis, students' research work may include:
1. Seminars.
2. laboratory work.
3. Internships in an IT company.
4. Participation in olympiads.
5. Participation in conferences with a research paper.
Whatever kind of research students decide to do, the Institute starts a series of workshops and seminars on research and writing.

For the first course:

Seminar in Russian with the lecturer
DAAD Anja Lange
When? 05.03.2023
15:00-20:00 (with break)

Thema: Wissenschaftliches Schreiben auf
Meeting-ID: 832 4339 3361

Для второго и третьего курса: 

The seminar will be conducted in German by DAAD lecturer Anja Lange.
When? 12.03.2023
15:00-20:00 (with breaks)
Topic: Research Writing in German
Join the Zoom conference
Meeting ID: 820 1846 6041

For all:
Dates: (17:00-18:20, Room 310)


To register for the written workshop, write to DAAD lecturer Anja Lange (, +996 507 185 616)


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