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Поздравляем со вторым местом на весеннем Хакатоне студентов второго курса:

Congratulations on second place at the Spring Hackathon of the second year students:

  • Pratov Timur - AIN-2-21, team leader;
  • Yugay Ilya - AIN-1-21;

  • Sharshekeyev Dastan - AIN-2-21.

Hackathon assignment:

Participants had to create a service using trained AI models based on any open source machine learning platform. The service had to have a simple and intuitive interface that allowed users to upload images or text from which the AI models could perform analysis and display results. The interface could be a web, desktop, mobile application, or even a console.

A project of students:

KSPI students developed a telegram chatbot called "BITAZA". This project is a "green" project related to environmental protection. With the help of the chat bot users can send photos of rubbish and its location, and artificial intelligence processes, if rubbish is found, the appeal is sent to "Tazalyk". There are plans to develop a mobile application in the future.

Teams took part in the Hackathon:

Kyrgyz State Technical University (KSTU)
University of Central Asia (UCA)
Ala-Too International University 
Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics (

 The teams performance at the Hackathon evaluated by:

  1. Aidar Bakirov - CEO and one of the founders of the IT-company and educational platform GEEKS;
  2. Askar Begaliev - CEO of Oracle Digital IT company;
  3. Urmat Tilekov - Alumnus of and leading specialist of MBank.

The event is organised by: Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics.

Co-organisers of the event: The State Service for Intellectual Property and Innovation under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic "Kyrgyzpatent" and the Innovation Centre under Kyrgyzpatent.

The Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics ( is the only university in the educational sector in Kyrgyzstan focused on information technology.

The mission of the Institute is to expand the boundaries of IT-education in the Kyrgyz Republic through the introduction of innovative training programmes of German universities in this field.

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