Event to celebrate February 14th

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On 14.02.2023, the students of the Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics organised a "Valentine's Day".

The students actively participated in contests among couples as well as among those who wished to express their feelings.

The participants showed their acting skills by improvising on the stage, singing songs and, of course, dancing.

The most "lovers" received prizes for their activity and good humour. As a present they received computer peripherals very useful for their studies.

The winners of the couples competition were nominated for the title of "Mr. and Mrs. of INAI.kg".

In addition, there was a competition: "Guess Male and Female Stuff". Here the girls had to show what they know about sports popular among men, while the guys tried to show their awareness of women's cosmetics.

All competitions were assessed by the jury on a 5 point scale.

The culmination of the holiday was choosing the best couple from the Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics. Not only the members of the jury took part in the voting, but also the students, who were able to vote by QR code.





The winners were AIN-1-22 students.

First place and title "Miss and Mr. of INAI.kg" took

1.Asheralieva Zhazgul

2.Tolomushev Bakai

Second place went to AIN-1-22 group students

1.Azat Kadyrov

2.Zhusubalieva Altynai

Third place was taken by students of WIN-1-21 group

1.Nogorbekov Salim

2.Sagynbekova Ayana

Students of MIN-1-22, AIN-1-22, WIN-1-22 groups helped to organize the event

1. Maktym Borubaeva

2. Maksutova Azima

3. Asakeeva Bermet

A special surprise for the participants in the event was the Valentine's Day box. It was placed in the student area so that everyone could put their cherished message in it. In this way, everyone who took part in the celebration of the most romantic day received their own symbolic valentine or secret message.

Below are some photos from the eventя111 222333444555 


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