Rules of student admission

Applicants with a state diploma of basic higher education in a relevant field of study (Bachelor) or a diploma of higher professional education in a related field of study in order to obtain a second higher education are admitted to the Master study programmes.

The organization of students admission to full-time education under a contract with payment of tuition fees by order of the head of the university is an admission committee, which is chaired by the Rector of

The admission to a Master's programme is based on an online interview as part of the admission test. An integral part of the interview is a presentation of solving a programming task (including a defence). The tasks are usually announced before the interview.

Documents for admission

Master's degree:

  • application;
  • higher professional education diploma;
  • photo 3х4, 2 pieces;
  • copy of the passport;
  • personal record sheet.

DAAD Scholarships

DAAD Scholarships for MA Students

  • Requirements for the application process:
  1. Master Student
  • Selection Criteria:
  1.   For 1st year: Development and presentation of a programming project
  2.   For 2nd year: Excellent academic performance during previous semesters
  • Scholarship Duration
  1.   1st-September of each year to 31st-August of the next year
  • Scholarship amount:
  1.   For Master's students studying in Bishkek, the scholarship covers one year's tuition.
  2.   For Master students studying in Germany, a monthly scholarship of €850, which covers the costs of board and lodging.

Joint educational programs INAi.KG -WHZ

Selection procedure for the DAAD scholarship award

Programming sample task


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