Our graduates


DM and MD under the MH of the KR

The Department of Medicines and Medical Devices under the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic in order to further improve State policy on the provision of medicines, medical equipment and medical devices to the population and preventive treatment facilities, and to implement the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic on Medicines

Tashtanbekov Torokul - Chief specialist, system administrator(in the pharmaceuticals and medical equipment department at gm kr)

Site - http://www.pharm.kg/ru


«Bank of Asia»

«Bank of Asia» - is one of the few banks in the Kyrgyz Republic established with 100% foreign capital participation. The main activity of the bank is to provide a full range of banking services: lending to legal entities and individuals, cash and settlement services to customers, foreign exchange transactions, etc.

Absatar uulu Myktybek – Chief Programmer


"Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank" CJSC KICB aims to become a bank that offers individuals and legal entities the most complete line of banking products. The basis of effective operation is international standards of work and professionalism of the staff, which undergoes regular training.

Kubanych Samirbekov  – Developer


The American University of Central Asia is a liberal arts university based in Bishkek.

Turdubek uulu Azamat - Developer


VisaMetric's core business is serving Diplomatic Missions with high quality non-discretionary support services related to visa applications and other services (such as Consular Services).

Abdrashitova Alina – Manager

site - https://www.visametric.com


Software development company “Horizontal Systems”

Horizontal Systems works to remove the boundaries of the financial system, making markets and opportunities accessible to all. Horizontal Systems works to remove boundaries by creating applications that provide open and unconditional access to the cryptocurrency markets.

Dianaiyim Imankhunova – Project Manager


FINCA Bank is a Smart Campaign-certified financial institution, deeply committed to the Client Protection Principles, and applies strict policies to ensure compliance with the principles.

Dastan Namazov  - Software Developer


"Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank" CJSC (KICB) aims to become a bank that offers individuals and legal entities the most complete line of banking products. International standards of operation are the basis for effective operations.

Dzhumabayev Argen – Developer

UKA Umweltgerechte Kraftanlagen GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)


UKA is a developer of energy UKA plans, builds, looks after and manages wind and solar parks and related infrastructure. The company, founded in 1999, is one of Germany's leading developers with around 60 grid-connected energy parks and an international portfolio of four gigawatt projects.

Talgat Melisbekovich Melisov - Software Engineer (working student)

«UBS Transit»

«UBS Transit» is a transport company that provides a full range of logistics services for the delivery of all types of cargo by road, rail and air from anywhere in the world, including services for warehousing, customs clearance, insurance and full escort of cargo. We work with all types of cargo: hazardous, refrigerated, complete, assembled, oversized, heavy-lift and containerised.

Kanat Kashkarlykov - Software Engineer


Beeline is the family operator for you and your loved ones. We improve the lives of our subscribers by caring about them and their well-being. Our values are to be pioneers, to be at the forefront, opening up new opportunities for our customers in their journey into the world of digital technology. Beeline means wide network coverage and stable quality of services. It is a large customer base, allowing you to make communication truly profitable. We provide products that benefit the whole family and meet everyone's needs.

Kypchakov Azim - Operator

Finance Soft

Finance Soft is the leading banking software developer in Kyrgyzstan and has extensive experience in developing, implementing and supporting financial solutions. The company currently has 14 clients - including 6 banks of the Kyrgyz Republic and 1 foreign bank.

Arslan Djunushov – Junior Developer

Business Soft Ltd.

A Kyrgyz IT company engaged in the development and implementation of billing, medical, laboratory and other electronic systems.

Omurov Alisher - Developer


SAP SE — German company, producer of software for organisations. The headquarters are located in Waldorf.

Rysbekov Maksat - Developer (Full Stack)

Soprasteria SE (Germany)

As Europe's leading management and technology consultancy. Through consulting, digitisation and software development, Sopra Steria offers comprehensive, integrated solutions that make large companies and authorities more competitive and more efficient - based on deep industry expertise, innovative technology and a collaborative approach.

Musabaeva Kymbat Kenzhebaevna - Java Developer

Flatex Degiro AG. (Germany)

Flatex Degiro AG has established itself as the first independent discount broker in Germany and Austria since 2006. Today, more than 400,000 customers use our unique brokerage approach: products, platform, price.

Majitov Aybek – Developer
Tilekov Urmat - Lead Java developer with 10 years experience. Lead developer, worked with GK-SOFTTWARE and Bank of Asia
Instant PaymentsInstant Payments — is a company dedicated to organising sales systems. Using the latest in information technology and offering a creative approach to organising your sales, Instant Payments offers you an innovative leap into the latest technology for working with your customers.
Eshaliyev Bakyt - Net Developer

Syncwork AG (Germany)


Syncwork AG is an independent management consulting and information technology company. Syncwork offers a wide range of services in public and financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and logistics.


Marat uulu Bektur -  Developer



The State Enterprise "SocService" under the State Committee on Information Technologies and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic develops and maintains information systems in the areas of health, education, science, sports, social insurance, state benefits, allowances and pensions.

Mukanbetov Suyunduk – Developer


                                                            Alumni Association Scholarship


At the Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics on September 13th, 2021, was a meeting of 1st year students with teachers and administration of the institute. During this meeting, the chairman of the Alumni Association Salavat Islamov greeted the 1st year students and congratulated them on the start of academic year, and awarded scholarships from fund of the Alumni Association for the best students of INAI.kg

The main purpose of the scholarship is to motivate and support INAI.kg students for further academic achievements.

Scholarships were awarded to the following students:

1. Abdylmanap kyzy Akmaral, gr. AIN-2-20;
2. Satybaldiev Nuradil, gr. AIN-3-20;
3. Charginov Marsel, gr. AIN-3-20;
4. Orozbekova Kyzjibek, gr. MIN-1-20;
5. Dzharasheva Ayan, gr. MIN-1-20.



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