Alumni Association


Islamov Salavat Kubatbekovich


IT Consultant at msg Nexinsure ag, Chemnitz

Musabayeva Kymbat Kenzhebaevna

Deputy chairman

Java developer at the consulting firm Soprasteria SE

Tynychbekova Aizat Tynychbekovna

Deputy chairman

Project manager

Melisbekov Talgat Melisbekovich

Deputy chairman

Software Engineer at UKA Umweltgerechte Kraftanlagen GmbH & Co. KG

Khamidulin Bulat Ravilievich

Deputy chairman

Trainee at Witzenmann GmbH

Satkynbekova Aizada

Deputy chairman

Developer at a private medical center

Marat uulu Bektur

Member of the Coordination Council

Developer at Syncwork AG, Berlin

Rysbekov Maksat

Member of the Coordination Council

Full Stack Developer at SAP SE Walldorf

Tentimishov Baktyar Rakhatbekovich

Member of the Coordination Council

Mobile developer at Flatex Degiro AG

Konovalov Stanislav

Member of the Coordination Council

Hotel guide

Abdrahman uulu Erkebek

Member of the Coordination Council

Trainee at Flatex Degiro AG

Eshaliev Omurbek Polotbekovich

Member of the Coordination Council

Net Developer at Instant Payments

Regulatory Documents of the Association

The INAI.KG Alumni Association

The INAI.KG Alumni Association forms the INAI.KG database, with the help of which we can maintain feedback with you, report on events taking place at the institute, invite you to various events, help you meet with coursemates, and establish contact with teachers.

Regulations on the INAI.KG Alumni Association

1. General information

1.1. The Alumni Association of INAI.KG (KGFI, KGFAI, INAI.KG) (hereinafter referred to as the Association) is a non-profit partnership created to unite the Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics alumni, their social promotion and development, as well as to use their scientific, spiritual and economic potential to strengthen the status of INAI.KG as the leading university in Kyrgyzstan in IT technology.

1.2. The Association is created and operates on the basis of the principles of self-government, voluntariness and equality of members, in accordance with the Civil Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Law "On Public Associations", the current legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and this Regulation.

1.3. The decision to create the Association was made at the suggestion of the initiative group at a meeting of the Academic Council of INAI.KG on February 28, 2020.

1.4. The management of the Association is carried out by the Board of the Association, created at the suggestion of the institute administration and the initiative group from among INAI.KG alumni. Members of the Board by a simple majority vote elect the Presidium of the Board of the Association and the Chairman of the Presidium of the Board of the Association.

2. Goals and objectives of the Association

The strategic goal of the Association is to create a community of INAI.KG alumni on the basis of spiritual unity and corporate brotherhood, to foster a sense of patriotism among students and employees, to strive to preserve and enhance the best traditions of the institute.

The main tasks of the Association:

· Creation of a database of INAI.KG alumni in order to maintain friendly relations between them, strengthen contacts with the institute, and involve them in the activities of the Association;

· Creation of the Web-page " INAI.KG Alumni Association" on the website of the Institute;

· Creation of a database for the formation of a personnel reserve of enterprises and organizations in the profile of training INAI.KG alumni with the aim of their effective employment;

· Assistance in the development of effective forms of advanced training of INAI.KG alumni in the field of modern information technologies and economics;

· Assistance in increasing the efficiency of using the intellectual potential of INAI.KG alumni and the institute's capabilities in training and retraining engineering and scientific personnel in order to develop and strengthen the industrial and human potential of Kyrgyzstan;

· Assistance in the development of innovative activities in the field of education and science, the development of the institute complex, corresponding to the level of leading domestic and foreign universities;

· Development and implementation of projects contributing to the development of INAI.KG;

· Establishment of a scholarship of the Association for rewarding the best students, undergraduates, young scientists of the institute;

· Assistance to the institute in work on vocational guidance of youth and new recruitment in INAI.KG;

· Development of existing and creation of new collective forms of information, legal and advertising services for the Association, providing members of the Association with consulting assistance in their professional activities;

· Organization of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, competitions, etc .;

· Production of photo and video works, printed works (release of printed publications);

· Assistance in the creation of effective forms of participation of INAI.KG alumni in the development of a modern material base of the institute, in the implementation of projects and programs in the interests of the institute;

· Participation in the formation of the target capital of INAI.KG;

· Assistance in the development of the system of strategic partnership of INAI.KG with leading domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations;

· Submission of projects to international organizations to receive grants for the development of INAI.KG through public alumni associations of the institute;

· Securing financial investments for the development of the Association (priority - charitable contributions of INAI.KG alumni);

· Formation of the symbols and traditions of the Association, maintaining the traditions of the institute;

· Creation of conditions for the priority implementation of scientific and technical developments of the members of the Association;

· Organization and holding of meetings of INAI.KG alumni;

· Establishing and maintaining contacts with similar organizations of other universities, exchanging delegations and working groups with them, work experience and information;

· Issue of a newsletter covering the activities of the Association;

· Publication of the Directory of INAI.KG alumni for distribution among the members of the Association, in which (with their consent) data on their companies will be published (by year and program), addresses and telephones are given;

· Formation and development of the international activities of the Association.

3. Powers (rights) of the association

3.1 The Association has the right:

· Make proposals to the rector of INAI.KG in the areas of their activities;

· participate in the elaboration of the development strategy of the institute;

· To establish on behalf of the Association awards, prizes, scholarships, other types of incentives for a special contribution to the implementation of the statutory activities of the Association;

· Create databases of INAI.KG alumni and members of the Association, provide information services;

· Organize and conduct exhibitions, fairs, competitions, conferences, seminars, etc.;

· Carry out publishing activities;

· Participate in the production and sale of audiovisual and printed products on the subject of the Association;

· carry out educational and awareness-raising activities.

4. Membership in the Association. procedure for admission, rights and obligations of the Association members

4.1. The Association members can be individuals -, persons who have completed bachelor's and master's degrees at INAI.KG, persons who have successfully defended doctoral studies at INAI.KG PHD, as well as employees of INAI.KG. Also, the Association members can be legal entities - organizations in which INAI.KG alumni work.

4.2. The procedure for joining the Association and leaving its members for individuals and legal entities is determined by submitting an application from an individual and the minutes of the meeting of the Board of the Association at INAI.KG. The decision on admission and withdrawal is made by the Management Board by open vote by a simple majority of votes present at the meeting of the Management Board members.

4.3. All the Association members on a voluntary basis provide sponsorship both to INAI.KG and directly to the Association.

4.4. All the Association members enjoy equal rights and bear equal responsibility.

4.5. The Association members (legal entities - represented by their authorized representatives) have the right to:

· Freely participate in all types of activities and events of the Association;

· Participate in the management of the Association, the development of long-term and current work plans, elect and be elected to the elected bodies of the Association;

· To receive information and methodological materials of the Association;

· Use in their work without restrictions scientific, informational and other materials prepared by the Association with an appropriate link;

· Freely leave the Association in the manner prescribed for joining the Association.

4.6. The Association members are obliged to:

· Comply with the requirements of these Regulations, decisions of the Board of the Association;

· To serve as an example in affirming high professional qualities, adherence to ethical and moral standards;

· Actively participate in the organizational, publishing and other types of activities of the Association;

· Take part in events held by the decision of the General Meeting and the Board of the Association;

· To work to promote the practical results of the Association.


file (3)

Optima Bank



Qualification requirements:

  1. Incomplete/completed higher education;
  2. JUNIOR programmer;
  3. Work experience in the banking sector (if available);

Required Knowledge and Skills:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of process robotisation systems (Paython RPA desirable);
  2. Ability to create projects in JIRA Software;

  3. Ability to analyse and draw up requirements for automated systems;

  4. Understanding of card business, remote banking, mobile banking and other banking operations;

  5. Ability to be succinct and articulate (verbally and in writing);

  6. Proficiency, stress management and analytical skills;

  7. Analysis and management of requirements, IT project management;

  8. Ability to learn quickly;

  9. Ability to work in a team and independently;

  10. Responsibility, diligence and stress tolerance.Functional Responsibilities:

1.Carry out the following process robotisation work in Paython RPA:

  • Business analysis and development of terms of reference;

  • Setting up robot work scripts;

  • Testing the robots;

  • Developing and communicating operational documentation;

  • Conducting a test operation;

  • Conducting a training workshop for users;

  • putting into commercial operation.

2. Technical support for the Business Engineer system;

  • Providing technical support to Users in case of technical problems during operation;

  • installing the latest released software update;

  • Knowledge of documentation on installation and authorisation of the server version of Business Engineer and web portals;

  • initiating and monitoring the granting/changing/blocking of access to the server version and Business Engineer web portals according to the approved Access Matrix;

  • advising the users on the operation of the Business Engineer (server version and web portal);

  • providing qualified information/confirmation of operational problems in case the Bank needs to approach the developers under the technical support agreement;

  • if necessary, initiation/request to technical support and system developers for elimination/avoidance of technical problems;

  • taking training courses on the system operation (independently using video tutorials)

  • organisation of back-up copies.

3. Participation in the analysis and description of the Bank's business processes;

4. automating the Department's plans and reporting system in JIRA Software;

5. Automation and support of electronic approval of documents in JIRA Software;

6. Participation in IT projects of the Bank.

Selection process:

  1. Review of CVs;
  2. Interview (if eligible);

  3. Testing (if necessary);

  4. Checking of candidates.

Contact details:

CVs and references (if any) should be sent to:;

Deadline for submission of CVs: till 01.07.2022


EPAM  is a leading global provider of digital platform design and development services.

100 vacancies


Kumtor Gold Company - Maintenance Administrator.

The application form and CV must be submitted no later than 4pm. 27 June 2022 by email to


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